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RSSEnvironment is a unique monitoring tool dedicated to the sustainable development sector and to all the related sectors and, more broadly, to all companies focused on problems and solutions related to environmental and ecological issues.
Designed for all professionals working on the development of more environmentally friendly solutions, RSS Environment monitors information on various pollution and pollution control systems, including air, water and groundwater, soil, industrial site cleanup, household waste management and selective sorting, not to mention recycling systems.
The RSS Environment monitoring platform is also focused on climate issues and greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 or methane, and of course energy, with the deployment of renewable energies such as hydroelectric power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal energy, etc.
In addition, the RSS Environment monitoring solution also integrates the societal and social aspects of environmental innovations, such as new trends in urban mobility with the development of bicycle paths and bicycle rental services, electric or hydrogen-powered cars, for example. New urban and rural land use services are listed, as well as improvements in the use of resources, forests and ecosystems.
From a more economic point of view, the monitoring tool assists you in monitoring the latest innovations in circular economy, economy of functionality, eco-design, corporate social and environmental responsibility.
The RSS Environment monitoring solution allows you to benefit from a global environmental, energy, climate and ecological monitoring, updated in real time from a 100% qualified sourcing.
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Environment Monitoring
Carbonfact Launches To Build A Carbon Calculator For Every Product In The World
Published at 27/07/2021

Founded by Marc Laurent, France-based Carbonfact has launched to establish a carbon listing for every product in the world. The company joins a rapidly growing number of startups and entrepreneurial ventures innovating to tackle climate change and other…

Pesticides dans l'air�: lancement du premier suivi national et annuel de surveillance
Published at 21/07/2021

Après une campagne exploratoire en 2019, la France démarre aujourd'hui un premier suivi national et annuel de surveillance des pesticides dans l'air. Ces mesures, réalisées en métropole comme en outre-mer, ont vocation à se pérenniser.[...]

The second wave of renewables is here. What did we learn with the first?
Published at 15/07/2021

Billions of dollars of investment flowing into renewable energy. A President pushing for solutions to combat climate change. Innovative technologies challenging the status quo. This is all very current, but it’s also exactly what happened in the first…

Environmental Conferences

China  Event  CTEF Shanghai
Organisation: Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
25.08.2021 - 27.08.2021 (Shanghai) -
CTEF - China Shanghai International Chemical Technology & Equipment Fair - est célébré à Shanghai. Avec plus de 450 exposants…

United Arab Emirates  Event  Wetex Dubaï
Organisation: IMAG Internationaler Messe- und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH
05.10.2021 - 07.10.2021 (Dubaï) -
Sur la page Wetex présente une variété d'exposants avec une gamme de nouveaux produits, services, solutions et technologies…

France  Event  POLLUTEC
Organisation: Reed Exhibitions
12.10.2021 - 15.10.2021 (Lyon) - yearly
L'exposition d'aujourd'hui des solutions d'avenir au service des enjeux environnementaux et économiques