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Environment News

Mobilit� hydrog�ne�: la r�gion Occitanie lance un appel � projets
Published at 16/10/2019

"La région Occitanie annonce le lancement d'un appel à projets sur la mobilité hydrogène. Trois sessions sont prévues : février 2020, juillet 2020 et janvier 2021. Lancé en partenariat avec l'Ademe, ..."

China begins new environmental probe in smog-prone Hebei province - Reuters
Published at 11/10/2019

"China has launched a new audit into environmental compliance in the northern industrial province of Hebei surrounding Beijing, as it looks to ensure officials are not dodging efforts to combat pollution, official media said on Friday..."

Energy Efficiency as a Service: Having Cake and Eating It Too
Published at 01/10/2019

"The as-a-service model, in which capital-intensive costs are spread out over the useful life of the product or offering, has become commonplace..."

Environmental Conferences

   Wasma Moscou
Organisation: ITE Moscow
22.10.2019 - 24.10.2019 (Moscou) -
Wasma à Moscou est une exposition internationale des technologies et innovations environnementales. Il est l'un des plus…

   Pollutec Maroc Casablanca
Organisation: Reed Expositions France
30.10.2019 - 02.11.2019 (Casablanca) -
Pollutec Maroc est une exposition internationale d'équipements environnementaux, les technologies et services. Il attirera…

Organisation: Electrix
03.11.2019 - 05.11.2019 (Le Caire) - annuel
The leading power exhibition and conference in North Africa brings together over 300 manufacturers and suppliers of power…