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RSSEnvironment is a unique monitoring tool dedicated to the sustainable development sector and to all the related sectors and, more broadly, to all companies focused on problems and solutions related to environmental and ecological issues.
Designed for all professionals working on the development of more environmentally friendly solutions, RSS Environment monitors information on various pollution and pollution control systems, including air, water and groundwater, soil, industrial site cleanup, household waste management and selective sorting, not to mention recycling systems.
The RSS Environment monitoring platform is also focused on climate issues and greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 or methane, and of course energy, with the deployment of renewable energies such as hydroelectric power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal energy, etc.
In addition, the RSS Environment monitoring solution also integrates the societal and social aspects of environmental innovations, such as new trends in urban mobility with the development of bicycle paths and bicycle rental services, electric or hydrogen-powered cars, for example. New urban and rural land use services are listed, as well as improvements in the use of resources, forests and ecosystems.
From a more economic point of view, the monitoring tool assists you in monitoring the latest innovations in circular economy, economy of functionality, eco-design, corporate social and environmental responsibility.
The RSS Environment monitoring solution allows you to benefit from a global environmental, energy, climate and ecological monitoring, updated in real time from a 100% qualified sourcing.
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Environment Monitoring
La première éolienne offshore intégrant un système de production d'hydrogène ver
Published at 03/12/2021

Lhyfe, pure player de la production d’hydrogène vert renouvelable et Doris, société d’ingénierie spécialisée dans les développements offshore, formalisent leur partenariat [...]

La société toulousaine Monkilowatt crée les premiers abris solaires autonomes au monde
Published at 24/11/2021

L’entreprise toulousaine Monkilowatt a créé un générateur d’électricité renouvelable avec stockage. Un système innovant qui peut se transformer en abri autonome.[...]

Nu-Heat launches interactive Carbon Saving Tool
Published at 15/11/2021

To help people understand and visualise environmental figures and statistics making the headlines, Nu-Heat has launched an interactive Carbon Saving Tool [...]

Environmental Conferences

Russia  Event  Wasma Moscou
Organisation: ITE Moscow
22.03.2022 - 24.03.2022 (Moscow) -
Wasma à Moscou est une exposition internationale des technologies et innovations environnementales. Il est l'un des plus…